Saturday, June 13, 2015

BRAND NEW FreePlay Kids GROUP on Facebook for Facebook Fans so you can finally see EVERY POST and not miss another fun & free, family event! Plus, a 5000th Twitter post milestone! - See link inside to join my Brand New Facebook GROUP! - June 2015

Update!! is the BRAND NEW Group for FreePlay Kids Facebook fans where you can get a notification for EVERY FREE FAMILY EVENT that I already post on the blog and on the Facebook page. Click on the "Join" button at the link below so you don't miss any more posts every time FB decides to change their algorithms. This is my first time doing a FB group and it is set up as public but I can also change it to a closed group too if you wish. Can't wait to see you in the group! PLEASE SHARE and get the word out!! Also excited to say that this post will forward to twitter and be my 5000th post on my twitter account for FreePlay Kids. That is quite a lot of free, family fun! Please share!!

So, I was thinking about starting a FB GROUP so that all of you can see EVERY free family fun post. FB changes their algorithms ALL THE TIME and even if you pay to boost the posts, which I can only do very rarely, those people eventually don't see the posts anyway every time FB changes the coding. From what I can tell if it is a GROUP...YOU GET A NOTIFICATION ON EVERY POST and that way you don't miss out on any FREE FUN! Shall we give it a go??? If I set it up you will need to request to join the group by hitting the "join" button and then I can accept you. So instead of seeing just 5-10% of posts you will see them all! 100%!! Please share! If we stay healthy and everything in our lives stays calm I am gonna load up all the Greater Seattle freebies fun with lots of advance notice on to the blog and calendar!!!! 

Please do share! smile emoticon

All the best, 

Holly @ FreePlay Kids

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