Friday, January 9, 2015

Exploration for All: Autism Early Open with FREE Admission at Pacific Science Center - 2nd Saturdays (Except April: 3rd Saturday) - Special Early Open from 8am-10am for ASD Families every month through December 2015!

Exploration For All: Autism Early Open, 

Presented By

" Thanks to a generous grant from Safeco Insurance, we are proud to present Exploration for All: Autism Early Open, presented by Safeco Insurance at Pacific Science Center. On the second Saturday* of each month, from January 10 through December 12, 2015, all families affected by autism spectrum disorder are invited to explore Pacific Science Center during a special free morning visit from 8-10 a.m. - before we open to the public. Experience our exhibits without heavy crowds when we have softened general lighting and decreased the noise level and visual stimulation on interactive exhibits wherever possible.
Upcoming Events:
January 10, 2015
February 14, 2015
March 14, 2015
April 18**, 2015
May 9, 2015
June 13, 2015
July 11, 2015
August 8, 2015
September 12, 2015
October 10, 2015
November 14, 2015
December 12, 2015

Before you visit download our Autism Resources which include a sensory guide and tips and tools for families with children who have special sensory needs.
The grant from Safeco Insurance will additionally help us expand our accessibility and inclusion programs by having staff on hand who are specially trained in inclusive communication and understanding accomodations for people with disabilities. We'll also provide additional captioning devices in one of our IMAX Theaters and printed copies of our sensory guide for guests - including maps of our exhibit spaces rated for noise level, visual stimulation, availability to touch and feel and strong odors. We're also creating a wheels accessible map that outlines accessible pathways. Check back for information on the wheels accessible map.
*Except April 2015; event will be THIRD Saturday.
**Please note: THIRD Saturday in April. "

For more info. go here.

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