Monday, January 5, 2015

2015...My Year of 50 Random Acts of Kindness by Holly Kennedy

HappNeYear !!

 In honor of my 50th birthday this month I have decided to do 50 Random Acts of Kindness this year. I have some ideas and will probably have to duplicate some of them but need more...give me some ideas...what do you have? 

I have no budget for this so most of these will be accomplished utilizing mostly my time and energy with some monetary ones thrown in here and there like buying someone's coffee, bringing purchased desserts to a nurses station at a hospital, or purchasing small products to donate like small toys for kids  being cared for at an interim shelter or warm socks for the homeless (which I actually did in December), etc. 

Throughout the year I will update this post with my RAK and I will use hashtag #HK50RAK on my social media sites.

What would make me happier than anything is if this post made you smile AND inspired you to do random acts of kindness in your community, as well.  

As I have posted this adventure on a couple of local community sites to gather ideas, I will be sharing at the bottom of this post ideas presented by the community to give you some ideas too if you get inspired! 

I am very grateful that through my "adventures" of 2014 that I have been inspired to do this adventure in 2015! 

 HK50RAK 2015 to date:

  1. Jan 2nd Decided to grab bread at Hopelink per their rare surplus announcement for people that couldn't make it/didn't have car and deliver to two of them and hand out the rest to others in the community. (Rare situation and opportunity!)  
  2. Jan 5th Bought myself a Coke at McD's then paid for the order belonging to the car behind me. 
  3. Jan 5th picked up and dropped off a new little girl's coat that was gifted from one person to another.
  4. January 7th Signed up to help pack kids lunches for the weekend program at LWSD. Pics below of volunteers (at least 30% of which were kids!), Little Guy and Me and the organized packaging line!

  5. January 30th/31st - In honor of Blue Friday, Seahawks and the 12th Man - gifting in a FB gifting group and in a community FB group a brand new, limited, special edition, Seahawks 12th Man Starbucks card loaded with $20 each. 
  6. February 5th I decided to fill someone's #iso for a baby by buying what they needed on 425 Shop and Swap. I will be picking the item up on Monday from seller and gonna drop it later in the week to the requester. 
  7. Bought 25+ new t-shirts in different sizes from one person to give to someone else that serves food and brings clothes, etc. every single Sunday to the homeless at an organized event. (Love her and her generosity... She inspires all of us!)
  8. February and March: buying new in package toys via Amazon and people with duplicates to give to a children in need's charity this Christmas! (So excited for this one!)
  9. Someone was in need of a couch on one site so I coordinated a free one (plus a matching chair) for them from another site! They asked "our you friends with the gifter?" and I said nope, just doing a random act of kindness. ;-)
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Random Acts of Kindness ideas as suggested by the community: 

  • Hand written thank you letters to people who have made a positive difference in your life.
  • Pay for coffee of the person behind you
  • Put a gift card in someone's mailbox
  • Buy flowers for someone at a retirement home who doesn't get visitors
  • Make dinner or dessert for a neighbor
  • Gunner (age 4) says he would draw someone a picture - I <3 this!

There are lots so updating shortly....


  1. What a wonderful idea and Happy birthday to you! Some acts of kindness that are going around are: Driving someone to an appointment, donating your hair (if you want to), reading or listening to someone, volunteering at a home for the old, if you can knit then knitting something for a homeless person, buying a balloon for a kid at the store etc. All the best Holly :)

  2. Thanks Shobana! These are great ideas. Years ago, I grew my hair out long to donate it. And then 2 or 3 others followed suit and did it too. That was pretty cool!