Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Free Car Wash for Veterans on Veterans Day at Brown Bear Car Wash (Tunnel wash locations) - Tuesday, November 11th 2014


Brown Bear Car Wash honors veterans and current service military with FREE car washes on
 Veterans Day (next Tuesday, November 11)

Thanks to Barry for the email to let me know about this wonderful event! 

SEATTLE--As a way of saying “thank you” to our military, Brown Bear offers free “Bear Essentials” car washes to all current or former members of the military on Veterans Day, next Tuesday, November 11. See www.brownbear.com for a list of participating tunnel wash locations.
The offer will operate on an honor system and no verification or documentation is required. Drivers should identify themselves as a current or former member of the military to the wash attendant.
“The event is our way of demonstrating appreciation for those who currently serve our country and have made sacrifices on behalf of all of us,” said Brown Bear Car Wash President Vic Odermat, who founded the company in 1957 and is a proud US Marine veteran. “It reflects our bond to the communities we serve, including a large armed services presence here.”

Odermat started Brown Bear in Seattle in 1957 with one location at 15th Ave West in Seattle.  Through its parent company, Car Wash Enterprises, Inc., Brown Bear owns and operates a total of 43 car wash facilities in Washington State as well as a network of gas stations and convenience stores.  It is one of the largest privately held car wash chains in the U.S. and is widely recognized within the car care industry as being a leader in the environmental movement.

For more info. go here.

For list of Tunnel Wash locations go here.

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