Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seattle Parrot Expo with live Parrots, parrot tricks, speakers, workshops, demos, arts and crafts, games and more in Tukwila - Today and Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, October 4th and 5th 2014 from 10am-6pm both days!

"The Seattle Parrot Expo comprises four primary areas to attend. The first is our  EXHIBITION HALL.  This truly represents what our Expo is all about.  Go shopping for your bird and score great deals on food, toys, and cages.  Be amazed by all of the professionals parrots influence from veterinarians to artisans to toy makers.  Ask them questions as you fill out your treasure map for prizes.   Learn when, what, where, who, how we can help parrots.  Find support, community, fun and ingenuity when it comes to bringing a parrot home with you, the educated way!  Be sure to support them as they have supported us year after year!

The Second area of the Expo is the LIVE BIRD AREA.Check out our  STAGE SCHEDULE for speakers like Texas Parrot Project, Center for Bird and Exotic Medicine, Beakers Place and Parrot Panel. This area is open to the public and totally FREE of charge.  For more information on what we are featuring this year, click on the links!  SEE live parrots do all the wonderful thing parrots do--talk, fly, roller-skate, snuggle and more.  ASK QUESTIONS to learn more about parrots and what we can do for them both in captivity and in the wild.  LISTEN to various experts talk about and present their experiences with parrots.   Go BLUE FOR BLUES--dye your hair blue for blue throated macaws!   
What kind of  KIDS ACTIVITIES  do we offer?  LIVE PARROTS, of course.  We will be offering pictures with them, performances with them and information.  Then, go out and play some of the games we designed just about parrots and earn some prizes to take home.  After that, check out our amazing face painter and balloon artist.  If that was not enough, go exploring throughout the exhibit hall to get stamps from the exhibitors to earn your "wings" today!   Lastly, pick up FREE HANDOUTS/INFORMATION/crafts, games, puzzles and more brought to us by our SPONSORS and more. ​ Click on the links or box below to see what  KIDS ACTIVITIES we are working on for the Expo this year! 

We save the best for last and that is our  FEATURED WORKSHOP.  Your WORKSHOP REGISTRATION helps the Expo happen every year and allows us to be able to fund other programs sponsored by the Flight Club Foundation like our Parrot Grant Program and develop new programs in the future.  In our first year, we had Dr. Susan Friedman's LLA course to learn fundamentals of behavioural science.  This year, we are offering what YOU asked for!  HANDS ON EXPERIENCE!  Please welcome BARBARA HEIDENREICH!  "

For more info. go here.

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