Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Awesome, FREE Personalized Online Video from Santa for your Kids - You customize! - Also, special keepsakes featuring your child available like letters, books, "nice" certificates and more for a fee!

I love, love, love this and will be sad when my little guy outgrows this "magical" side of Christmas. But for now I and he are enjoying it thoroughly!

Watch a FREE personalized video online from Santa to your little ones! You can customize the information and Santa will "talk" directly to you kids via this customized video! It comes in an email so you can let your kiddo know they received a video message from Santa! How cool is that?!!

They also now have a store with special keepsakes available featuring your kiddo...some for "Less than a Latte"!


This one I did last year for my son and I had "Santa" talk about some of my son's achievements this year, as well as, working on (more consistently!) picking up his toys, etc. ...nothing like a little reinforcement from the "big guy in red".  ;-)  

What will you put in your special video?

Happy Holidays!

For more info. go here.

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