Friday, May 24, 2013

Ground Tours of Historic B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" at the Museum of Flight in Seattle - Saturday-Monday, May 25th -27th 2013 from 2-5pm (and possible evening times) - "Less than a Latte" each for a family of four!

See some American History and go and check out the B-17 Aluminum Overcast. 

This event is hosted by the Cascade Warbirds SQ 2 and the B-17 will be located on the field at the Museum of Flight.

Ground Tours are scheduled from 2 to 5pm.

Additional Ground tours may be available after the evening flight(s), if needed.
" It is a traveling museum and a connection to the past, the "greatest generation" who built and served heroically on these magnificent warbirds. "

Ground Tour Pricing - Cost $10 per adult, $20 per family. Active Military, Veterans and children eight and under are free.

For more info. go here.

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