Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun, Spring Scavenger Hunt with prize at Washington Park Arboretum - Springtime 2013!

spring bloom What a fun way to enjoy the sights and scents of Spring!

" Spring is in full bloom at the Washington Park Arboretum. If you and the kids are looking for a fun way to enjoy the sights and smells of the season, stop by the Graham Visitors Center and pick up a Spring Scavenger Hunt clue sheet (or click the link below to print your own copy).

On your way out, check back in at the Visitors Center to redeem your completed clue sheet for a small prize. Good luck & happy spring! "

Excerpt from Clue Sheet:

Spring Scavenger Hunt: Buds & Blooms
Instructions:  Hidden within the Washington Park Arboretum are 12 clues.  Clue locations are described below, and the route is marked with hanging pine cones painted white.  Each laminated clue contains a secret letter.  Leave the clues where you find them, but use the secret letters to fill in the blanks below.  After finding all 12 secret letters, use them to figure out the punch line to the joke on the back.  Good luck, have fun, and happy spring!  
1.    Wisteria vine                                                                      LETTER: _______
Start your scavenger hunt behind the Visitors Center by looking for a twisting trunk climbing up a post for your first secret letter.  It will be on a white tag hanging from a branch about 6 feet high. 

2.    Prunus (Cherry tree)                                                                                   LETTER: ________
Cross the road (Arboretum Drive) and go up the stairs. Take your second left and head south on Azalea Way. Look for a tree on the right with a crutch supporting one of its main branches.  If you find it, you’ll also find your next secret letter.


For more info. go here.

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